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Ok Folks!  Here we go.  Are you ready to become debt free and kiss being broke goodbye forever?  Good.

Before you start here…make sure you have read Our Story then How To Use This Site & Stop Living Broke pages first. Don’t worry, when you click on the links they will open up in a new window so you don’t lose your spot here. But seriously, read those first PUHLEEZE.Stressed BrokeLife
Now, as I have said before, you will receive some tough love in this article. You will also receive it in the comments section, if needed. Securing your financial freedom and becoming debt free is not childs play. So if you get your feelings hurt and leave….well, you will just be in the same spot a year or five down the road. If you want to grab your life by the…horns…then deal with what is taught here and just know that it is being said with love, whether you like it or not.

Here we go….

First Thing To Do

Admit to yourself you screwed up. No matter what happened, you are in control of your own destiny. You may or may not have blown all your money or weren’t smart and started a career early in life. You might even be like me and have lost a great paying job because you were dumb. I let my family down. I let myself down. The only way to move forward is to admit to yourself that you screwed up. There is no one else to blame. Just you.
Once you can admit to yourself that the only reason you are in the financial crisis you are now, you can move on. Until then, go back to first paragraph. If you are stuck here for a week, I don’t care. It isn’t anyone else’s fault. You didn’t control your life to make sure you didn’t get to where you are now. That is the truth. You make the decisions about you. So you are at fault. If others make the decisions for you, then it is your fault for allowing that. There is nothing you can tell me or yourself that changes the fact that where you are in life right this very second is YOUR FAULT.

When I lost my career of 23 years my wife and kiddos told me that it was okay, that they should have been more supportive and helped along the way….we became closer as a family as we became more and more bitter about life. Stupid bosses. They didn’t like me. Nope, it wasn’t my bosses fault any more than it was my families fault. It was my fault. It took me years to accept that. That is when things started making a turn for the better.
It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, brown, green or pink. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. It doesn’t matter if your parents were broke. It doesn’t matter if you are a democrat or republican. It doesn’t matter if you are college educated or a high school dropout. It doesn’t matter. Only you can control your future. If you are waiting on someone else to do it for you or waiting for a break to come your way…it is your dang fault where you are in your life financially.

So, can you say it? Can you say it out loud or in the comments below? I will say it with you because I am used to it by now. I wasn’t less of a man when I said it, I was less of a man when I wouldn’t admit it. So….all together now. It is my fault that I am where I’m at financially.

OK, What Are You Going To Do About It?

I don’t care if you are 15 or 115 years old. It isn’t too late to get your finances in order. OK, at 115 you probably don’t care. But you get the point. You can change your financial stability around in 12-36 months. I am not talking about becoming rich, I am talking about being debt free where no one controls you. Debt is no different from other life crisis. It is emotionally humiliating, depressing, brutally controlling and ruins your whole life. It is often compared to slavery or being emotionally/physically abused for a lifetime. Debt has that much control over our lives. But unlike other horrible things that can happen in our lives, debt is beatable.

So you have to choose to do something about it. You have to say NO MORE DEBT. No more charging things. No more credit cards. No more borrowing money from Peter to pay Paul. No more financing the things you can’t afford. Did you hear that? Until you get financially secure you must commit to not financing anything you can’t afford to pay cash for. Not a car. Not an iPhone or the newest Samsung Galaxy through your cellular plan. Not a payday loan. You can’t even finance a pizza on your credit card! If you can’t pay cash for it, you can’t buy it.

Hello? Hello? *crickets*

So are you really ready to do something about it or were you just joking above when you said it with us? If you aren’t willing to Live Broke, then you aren’t willing to control your finances so just go and come back in a few years when you are carrying 100 lbs of regret on your back and a chip the size of Dallas on your shoulders. I’d prefer you stay here and get started now, you’ll thank yourself later.

Soooo, What Now?

You need to call a family meeting. Call all your immediate family members together and everyone put their cell phones in another room…you too! Turn off the flat screen, Bose radio, Amazon Echo, iPad, Xbox, PS4 (you know, all the things you bought on credit) and sit down with everyone no matter if they are 5 or 95. If they live in your household or tied to your money in one way or another, sit them down.

Explain to them that you (and anyone tied to your money) is about to go through a rigorous transformation. You are about to begin to start and get used to Living Broke. The transformation will be long and it will be painful but at this point there is no turning back. Explain that life isn’t about the latest Call of Duty release the kiddos NEED or they will die. Explain that food, housing and utilities come first. No eating out. No going to the movies. No new games. No renting movies. Entertainment will be walks in the park, backyard basketball games, bird watching, and everyone’s favorite, dumpster diving (just checking your pulse for signs of life). Life as they (and you) knew it is being put on hold.

Prepare Yourself and Your Family

As you are having your talk, explain to them that collectively as a family you are going to become financially stable and stop living paycheck to paycheck. You are going to be smart with your money and although “change is tough” you will all be happier and less stressed. You know the saying, when mommas happy, everyone’s happy. Well currently, momma and daddy both are stressed the heck out. So we are taking a trip back in t i m e. We are going to live like they did generations ago when people hadn’t lost their damn minds.
We are going to start putting it all together. You have:

1) Admitted it is no one else’s fault but your own that you are broke and living paycheck to paycheck.

2) Agreed to living without accruing any more debt….not even for that amazing new iPhone.

3) You have set your family down and explained that something has to give. The family is out of control with spending.Family Meeting

4) You’ve also explained to the family and yourself that the only way to get out of debt and take control of your lives is to go back to our roots, to living smart and needing necessities and not needing toys. Cars, phones, entertainment, fast food, restaurants, etc are not necessities, they are toys They are splurging while spending money you can’t afford.

So you will get used to saying two things. We can’t afford it and It isn’t in the budget. OH DANG. I said it! The B word….Budget. The next post “2nd Step To Winning With Money” will be all about the budget and I will tell you now… Budgeting Your Money Is The Key To Successfully Winning With Money.

In the next installment we will take you through the budget completely. It is the core of the common sense plan of getting out of debt. It is living the Broke Life and we will go through it all. We did it, and you can too. So stay tuned for the best 3 blog posts you’ll every find on the internet. Why Budget, How To Budget, and a product review on some things you will need. PS. Most of those things don’t cost a dime. The rest are less than $25 to secure your financial future.

Don’t forget to scream loud in the comment section below….. It is my fault that I am where I’m at financially.
Keep your head up…Step 2 Coming Soon

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