Best Website Hosting For Entrepreneurs

We Recently Went On A Search For The Best Website Hosting For Entrepreneurs

Our family is a family of entrepreneurs’. My father has owned and operated several businesses. My brother has a multi-million dollar business. Tammy and I have had two very successful businesses that have allowed us to live a life of financial freedom.

Recently, we were looking for new hosting for our existing business of 4 years. The Squarespace site just wasn’t working for us any longer. We had outgrown the non-WordPress drag and drop model website. Plus, we had a new startup business that we were going to start allocating funds and time into. So we were looking for a powerful, yet economical alternative to the Squarespace host we were already unhappy with but one that would be a powerhouse for the upgrades we needed to do to this existing site plus an innovative brand new site we had designed in our minds.
Somehow, we happened upon Wealth Affiliate. I don’t even remember how, but I am forever grateful that we did. At first glance, I didn’t understand it. It didn’t seem like what we needed. But as I dug deeper and deeper, I was more and more intrigued. The more I read, the more I knew this was the answer to every entrepreneurs’ website dreams.

Squarespace Was Costing Us Around $30 For Our Existing Website

The basic website plus email was sufficient for our business until the company kept expanding and growing. We didn’t have the bells and whistles that we needed to implement certain things we were way overdue on including within our site.

We also had never had any organic search results, but then again, we didn’t have much content other than our services and prices. I don’t fault any host for that, we simply didn’t understand what needed to be done to start being blessed with organic search engine traffic.

But what led us to the search for a new host was more the fact that we were going to have two sites now, and being frugal with our overhead, we decided to at least look elsewhere for better pricing. We knew that not only would Squarespace not allow us the tools we needed to expand our existing site, it would also completely fail at our new site.

Wealthy Affiliate Answered Our Performance Issues As Well As Our Budget Issues

We knew we needed a WordPress platform to implement the user interface we needed for both sites. Wealthy Affiliate not only allowed WordPress, but encouraged it by only offering WP sites. Great.

The best thing is, for the same price as we were paying for one site, we could have two sites. What blew us away was not only could we have two sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, we could have 25 sites under our own domains and 25 more hosted within the WA SiteRubix platform. That is a total of 50 sites. This is simply unheard-of.
Paying yearly for membership allowed us to host up to 50 sites for the same price we had paid Squarespace for just one site. After learning this, I felt as though I had been ripped off by Squarespace. Of course, the only person that was at fault was myself. I paid it, every month, for years without ever second guessing the value.

We joined Wealthy Affiliate and now have 4 sites (2 active and 2 being built). Again, this is for the same price I was paying for one site at the other host.

We have been able to implement everything we needed, without any hitches or glitches. Just smooth sailing.

So Why Is WA The Best Website Hosting For Entrepreneurs?


  • WordPress is the number 1 platform for search engine optimization (SEO). Where we were getting no organic results with our previous host for years, we are now starting to see results within 30 days of switching to Wealthy Affiliate. Unbelievable.
  • The cost of WA is, as I said, the best value in web hosting. Hands down, WA provides the most economical package available to anyone that needs one site, or fifty. The amazing thing is, whether it be one or 50, the price is the same.
  • Switching from a basic site at Squarespace to WordPress sites here at WA was scary, to say it lightly. We had heard all the nightmare stories about WordPress and we were quite frankly scared to switch over. But the ease of the SiteRubix builder and the wealth of knowledge within Wealthy Affiliate allowed for a very smooth transition.
  • The community at WA is priceless. There is more knowledge within the WA membership than I have ever seen. Even more astonishing, these guys and gals share their knowledge. Again, I have never seen anything like it. There is no problem you can’t get resolved, if you just ask the community. Priceless.
  • Wealthy Affiliate, It’s Not Just For Affiliate Marketers Anymore. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to market your website and your business. You don’t have to be an affiliate marketer to benefit from the vast training within WA. The training from Carson and Kyle is amazing. The training provided by the members is incredibly valuable. The training works for any business and all businesses.

Those 5 things above barely break the ice on why WA is the Best Website Hosting for anyone that has a business, blog, or just wants to promote their website.

No business should be without a website. No website should be without Wealthy Affiliate.

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