FREE Business Management Course Online

FREE Business Management Course Online

Our Business Management Course Online Teaches You The Entire Business Of Flipping Phones and Electronics

This course is amazing at teaching you a completely new highly lucrative craft as well as building your knowledge and workflow to operate it successfully. Here is a brief (very conservative) breakdown of what you can earn in just two weeks after completing the course and starting your business:
Day 1- Purchase 3 phones for $500

Day 2- Sell the 3 phones for $750 ($160 profit after expenses)
Day 3- Purchase 4 phones for $750

Day 4- Sell the 4 phones for $1,000 ($210 profit)

Day 5- Purchase 4 Phones for $1,000

Day 6- Sell the 4 phones for $1,300 ($273 profit)

Week 2

Day 1- Purchase 6 phones for $1,300

Day 2- Sell 6 phones for $1,600 ($336 profit)

Day 3- Purchase 6 phones for $1,600

Day 4- Sell 6 phones for $2,000 ($410 profit)

Day 5- Purchase 7 phones for $2,000

Day 6- Sell 7 phones for $2,500 ($525 profit)
Remember, you started with $500 investment. You ended with $2,500. Gross profits in two weeks, $2,000.

After overhead fees you will clear $1,300.

That is just two weeks, with an initial startup of $500. Week three (after setting aside your fees to pay your overhead), you will have $1,300 after removing your initial $500 investment.

It is a snowball effect. How do you do it? Buying and selling (FLIPPING) phones and electronics. Our free course gives you a step by step guide to making it happen.

Why Flip Phones and Electronics?

You can buy and sell anything for profit. That is just capitalism at it work. You don’t have to buy and sell phones or other electronics, it is just what we do. Being successful at something gives you a love for that item that you are selling really fast. We love flipping phones. It is fast paced. It works.

Did you know there are over 1.5 billion new phones sold each year in the world? In America, the number is into the hundreds of millions. What does this mean for a flipping? It means that if millions of new phones are being purchased, millions of used phones are being sold. This means you have a never ending supply of inventory to buy and resell for profit.

We started flipping iPhones, then added other Apple products like iPads and Macbook Pro’s. It works for anything. We have even flipped gift cards and text books. Anything of value and that is in demand can be bought and sold for a profit. You just have to have a system. We provide you that all for free.

The Attraction To Your Own Flipping Phones Business

The attraction is obviously owning your own profitable business to secure your financial freedom. Here at BrokeLife101, we are all about earning more than we spend, which is the formula for achieving a stress free life. We are just providing you a way of doing it that doesn’t include financing anything, accumulating student loans that will take you 10s of years to pay back, and how to do it fast. No, it isn’t a get rich scheme. You have to run it like a business. You have the risks of owning a business. If you don’t operate it lawfully, you will get in a bind. That is the reason we wrote the course.

It may not be a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is certainly a fast paced business that has income starting to come in within days of starting your business. Did you know that the IRS gives you several years to become profitable? Well, we don’t have several years. We need income now, right?

So when you purchase your first phone today, you can sell it today or tomorrow for a profit. That is income. You just made money. It happens that quick. As soon as someone pays you, you get to buy another phone, and sell it. More income. It happens fast, but you earn it. You, as an educated buyer will find the right phone to buy and sell it for the right price assuring yourself a successful and profitable transaction. Without the few days of training, you wouldn’t know how to do it.

That is the attraction. The attraction of earning legitimate and substantial income for you and your family. The perks are just icing on the cake. There are a lot of perks. As you wheel and deal on the units, you will feel alive and energized. You will be proud of yourself for taking the step to take on the world and not give up. That is the attraction. Success is exhilarating. Success is Addicting.

Do You Really Need Our Business Management Course Online?

You could wing it like we did. It took us 9 months to lock down the most profitable way to run the business. It took a lot of trial and error. It took a lot of failures, and successes both. But we didn’t want you to have to go through that. Remember, we are BrokeLife101, and our one goal is to help you stop living the broke life, and start living the good life.

So we spent a few months and made the course. We provide it for free. We are paying it forward. Helping those next in line. You can either take our hand and climb the ladder of success, or you can keep doing the same thing you are doing now. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way over and over expecting a different result.

BrokeLife101 is throwing you a lifeline. Will you take it? It will take you a few days to go through the course and set up your business. Then you will have to take the next step. Start your business and run with it.

Adapt The Course To Anything You Want To Buy and Sell For Profit

What is your interests? Is it music? Well, buy and sell Bose Systems and Speakers. Is it computers? Then buy and sell computers. Is it guns? Awesome, flip guns for profit. You can flip anything you want to flip as long as it has value and it is in demand.

The tools we provide in the course is all you need. You will need them to be successful, but they will work for anything you are buying and selling. We just love dealing in phones because they are readily available anywhere we want to be.

Register for the course and take a look. It is free. You won’t ever be prompted to pay us a dime.

Here Is The Course

BrokeLife101 Flipping Phones And Electronics For Profit Online Course





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    1. Hi Scot. Glad you are here. The plan works. Just because it is free doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. We utilize the system every day with great results. Just make sure to do each step along the way and when you finish the course, you will be ready to open your virtual doors for business. It isn’t rocket science, but it is a solid platform for making a great income. Thanks for the comment, I look forward to watching you succeed. If you ever need anything, just let me know in the Facebook group, within the comment sections here, through email or send me a text at 903.390.6008. I am here to help. -Craig

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