How To Buy Used Cell Phones And Sell For Profit | Start an Online Business Free is offering a completely free course on how to buy used cell phones and sell for profit course. Within this course you will find out everything you need to do to start your own online business. The training is completely free and takes you through every step of the way to start your home based business today. We are living proof that it works.

Just from testing the business with ONE MODEL OF iPhone, we show you the results in this video.

Here is what you will learn inside the course.

Flipping Phones Training Course

Business Development-The Foundation To Success

  • Unit 2 If You Like It You Have To Put A Name On It
  • Unit 3 Business Checking Account
  • Unit 4 Business PayPal Account
  • Unit 5 Branding
  • Unit 6 Initial Investment
  • Unit 7 Final Business Decisions

Business Plan

  • Unit 1 Business Plan- The Components
  • Unit 2 Business Plan-Mission Statement
  • Unit 3 Business Plan-Define Your Leadership Roles
  • Unit 4 Business Plan-Goals
  • Unit 5 Business Plan-Market Research
  • Unit 6 Business Plan-Competition Research
  • Unit 7 Business Plan-SWOT Analysis
  • Unit 8 Business Plan-Continued Education
  • Unit 9 Business Plan-Wrapping It Up

Marketing Your Business

  • Unit 1 What Is Next
  • Unit 2 Website – Why?
  • Unit 3 Website | How & Where To Build
  • Unit 4 Congratulations. You Have Built A Website
  • Unit 5 Website | About Me Page
  • Unit 6 Website | Collecting Information For Transactions
  • Unit 7 Website | Homepage Setup For Wowing Potential Customers
  • Unit 8 Website | Adding Content Regularly and Why
  • Unit 9 Website | Promoting Your Website and Business
  • Unit 10 Advertising | Why
  • Unit 11 Advertising | How
  • Unit 12 Utilizing Information From Website

Operating Your Business

  • Unit 1 Putting Actions Into Motion
  • Unit 2 Handling Inquiries
  • Unit 3 Meeting For Phone Acquisition
  • Unit 4 Processing Phones For Resale
  • Unit 5 Placing Phones For Sale
  • Unit 6 Completing Sale Transaction
  • Unit 7 Staying In Contact With Your Customers

Record Keeping

  • Unit 1 Why To Keep Extremely Accurate Records
  • Unit 2 How To Keep Records
  • Unit 3 Forms
  • Unit 4 Filing The Forms
  • Unit 5 Consistency

Buying and Selling Used Phones Is a Lucrative Business

In 2017, there were 201.3 million smartphones sold in North America. 201 MILLION. That, in return, means that there were approximately 201 million USED phones shoved in drawers, traded in, lost, or sold in 2017. The process of flipping phones is you buy as many of those used phones you can get your hands on at a low price and sell them for a profit. It works and I do it every day.

There is no shortage of phones to buy and sell. Add on tablets and other electronics and you would have to hire hundreds of employees to handle the incoming inquiries. There is also no shortage of self-proclaimed guru’s that will sell you training for thousands of dollars on how to buy and sell phones. You will receive that information here plus all the information needed to run a successful business, which they do not tell you how to do. Don’t listen to guru’s. They are scam artists.

Learn from a successful businessman who has started multiple businesses and has sold one for a substantial nest egg and the other is providing for two kids in college and an extremely nice lifestyle. I am not even selling the course. I am showing you how to do it for free. Why? Because I can. I want to. Yes, I will make money on it in other ways, but not from you. That is how I like to do it.

I know how to promote a business online. I know how to do it in an inexpensive way. BrokeLife101 is a site that promotes living like you are broke so you will never be broke again. Teaching you how to operate your own business, even if it is a side hustle, is a way to never be broke again. That is why we do it. Our team is here to help and buying and selling phones is a great way to do it. Now, I am going to share some more insights into buying and selling phones.

People are Flipping Everything These Days

Flipping = buying something cheap and selling it for a profit. Entrepreneurs have flipped cars and houses for years. Find a good deal on a house, shine it up to look good, and sell it for a profit. Car dealers buy cars from the unwise car owner everyday then mark them up and resell them. There is a used car lot on every street.

During Black Friday sales we found a great deal on the Amazon Alexa Show (the newest version of Alexa devices) and we bought about 50 of them. We sold every one before Christmas was here. Well, we kept one for ourselves and I love it. But, we made an average of $65 per unit in 2 weeks. We didn’t sell them online, but we used online marketing to sell them. Each one was sold in person, with no overhead.

Phones are just as easy as flipping the Alexa’s and the deals come calling to you instead of you having to go searching for them. That is what is so awesome about buying cell phones and selling them through your website and on selected sites. There is never a shortage. People buy new phones all year round, so they have phones to sell. Most don’t have expectations on what they are worth, so when you offer a fair price, they take it.

There is risk involved when flipping phones, but when you go through this course you find out how to reduce that risk to practically none. When you do your homework and buy and sell as a business, like a business, you are successful on every flip.

Who Is Flipping Phones a Good Match For?

Flipping phones is a fast paced multi-transaction business. The more transactions the more you make. The lower you keep your overhead the better your profit margin. Buying and selling phones is a business you can start and pause as needed, but that isn’t recommended for business growth. But you can. So it works for part-timers or full-timers. I will explain.

Full Time Phone Flippers

The best way to operate your business is full time. Since running a business like a full time occupation is a full time job, you do it better and are more successful when you treat it like a business. You will start building relationships and when you treat your customers fairly, and doing so will allow you to will build a huge repertoire of repeat business. Every time they buy a new phone through phone carriers, they will contact you to sell their old phone. When they need to buy a used phone, they will come to you.

A full time business will have a full time income. That income will continuously grow beyond previous months and previous years. A business’s reputation grows the longer they are in business. Their customers tell others and they become customers too. Positive reviews start to pile up. Your website starts ranking within Google. People from out of your area start contacting you because you are a reputable business and people trust a company with a solid track record.

Full time business owners learn new tricks of the trade. They figure out better ways of doing business. Best practices. The Best tactics. While you can still learn this being part-time, it doesn’t come as fast. Part time flippers can still make money, but why not take complete control over your financial freedom by doing it right? Secure your future by being the authority in your area.

Part Time Phone Flippers

Flipping phones is a great part-time business. The income is really nice and you can turn it on and turn it off as needed. While I highly suggest doing it full time, I don’t blame those that would just like to supplement their current income to catch up on bills or save for college tuition or whatever the cause may be. But even though you are doing it part-time, all the full time risks are still there.

Par timers still need to keep accurate records and claim their income. You don’t want the IRS or local government to come back on you later on with penalties and interest. You need to be legitimate even if it is something you do on a part-time basis. It isn’t fun, but it is the law. You must still have a website, and although the costs associated with the website are minimal you still must keep your site up and running as you turn off the business and turn it back on when needed.

Local ads are the way to go when you are doing this part-time. You will only get local business, but that is the majority of it anyway. Just place your ads as instructed in the course when you need to make some extra money, have them go to your website and fill out the forms and complete the transactions. Then when you have the money you need, pull the ads and shut it down for a while. But, you still have to answer the inquiries on your website because that would just be bad business to ignore them. Be professional.

We Suggest Two Ways To Make Money Full Time

One is by flipping phones and the other is affiliate marketing. If you follow this course you will be able to do both for the same overhead costs. The best route to start making money quickly is flipping phones. It has a shorter startup time and less setup to get started. But you must GO HERE and start the FREE course. No charge. It is on us so we see you have success and leave the broke life behind.

No one else will be giving you a complete course for free, with no strings attached. No half priced sale. No better get it now before it is gone. No but wait, there is more! No bait and switch. Just Free. We took months to test this and make sure it was solid business advice for you because we wanted to provide you with real life training that works! So take advantage of BrokeLife101 Phone Flipping Course absolutely free.

If you don’t want to do the course, that is up to you. But we are handing you financial freedom on a platter. It is a fast paced super fun business that most will thrive at as long as you know what you are doing. The course will make sure you do and make sure you are able to succeed. The time is now to obtain financial security.


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