How To Use This Site & Stop Living Broke

As we get rolling here, there will be 3 Categories of Articles to choose from for that you will become familiar with:

  • BrokeLife101 Laws
  • Instructional Guides
  • Product Reviews

BrokeLife101 Laws will be changes in your lifestyle that you must change to succeed in your financial free journey. They will be in-depth articles or podcasts/videos that will tell you how and why you need to make these changes in your life.

Often times, instructional articles or podcasts/videos will be step-by-step guides on how to implement these money-saving strategies into your lifestyle.

Most Instructional guides will link to a product review if there are things you need to purchase or a DIY project to make it happen efficiently and save money. We will have done all the work for you whether it be shopping for best products at the cheapest prices or instructions on how you can make it yourself to save even more money.

BrokeLife101 Laws

OK, they aren’t really laws but they should be. Here at BrokeLife101, we will consider them laws. So you need to consider them as such, that way you will know it really isn’t an option. Yes, you can save money and keep more money in your pocket if you only do one, or half of the laws, but is that your goal? Your goal should be to stop living broke, not to be as broke as you were. Broke is broke whether it is a little broke or a lot broke….we don’t want any part of it from now on!

These laws aren’t all our ideas. We read more books than we can count and spent money on seminars to find out all this information. When we tell you something that was taught to us either through a book or from a financial genius, we will give that teacher the credit in the article. We aren’t the geniuses, we are just the broke people that put it all together and made it happen.
In short, if you want to stop living broke…follow the BrokeLife101 laws!

Get it? Got it? Good!

Instructional Guides

We are going to provide you with every step. You don’t have to read the books, pay to go to seminars, scour the internet, or listen to days upon days of YouTube videos to figure out what to do. We have already done that. So we are going to make it simple for you. We will put the information down in instructional guides whether it be an article or a podcast/video to show you exactly how to fold those laws into your everyday lives. It will just be up to you to make sure you follow the guides.

When we can, we will just write a very descriptive article that you can follow along with as you go. I am Texan…so not everyone speaks hick….so I try not to do too many videos. But if the need arises, you will just have to suffer through the videos or podcasts. Most Videos will be in the Product Reviews Category but there are several planned for the Instructional category as well.
We plan on 3-5 instructional posts per week. You can’t really implement more changes in your life than that per week and we can’t really provide a quality product if we go faster than that. We have to make sure it is exactly as it was taught to us and make sure we tell it in a way everyone understands. So 3-5 articles a week is our goal. The Informational phase shouldn’t take longer than a month to produce.

Product Reviews

We have purchased, made ourselves or begged/borrowed/stole everything it takes to live the broke life. This means we didn’t have the money to buy fancy things to do this, we were broke. But there were times when we had to buy books, podcasts, memberships, tools, etc. to stay organized and to stay motivated. The fight for financial freedom is a long road, and the more organized you are the easier (or less miserable) it becomes and the more successful you will be.

So after working for the last several years on this, we know what is best to use for males, females, kiddos, etc because our family has them all. Speaking of family, it takes the whole family to fight for all of your families financial freedom. If one, (especially one of the parents) isn’t on board, then it just won’t work. I have found while working with other families, the one that doesn’t want to get on board to fight for their families finances is always the one that was to blame for the family being in financial trouble, to begin with. In our case, it was everyone’s fault and everyone fought like hell to fix it.

No, our whole family didn’t all lose their job at once, I did. I was the breadwinner in the family and I blew it. I was fired for being dumb. But speaking of dumb, everyone in our family was equally as dumb with money. We spent everything we earned with no foresight of what would happen without the income. The things I will teach you will make you feel embarrassed about how you have handled money, even if you didn’t have much to start with.

So the product reviews will be very informative, but purchasing the products are optional. You don’t buy them from us. We don’t sell anything. We do take donations, but you aren’t obligated to pay us anything. We don’t want anyone to go through what we went through and certainly not to the extreme we went through it. But my fear is a lot of you already are, so we are here for that reason….To Help You To Stop Living Broke because you have to, but because you want to be financially debt-free and stress-free!

Site Instructions (Finally)

Read The BrokeLife101 Laws to hear money saving strategies that will be crucial to becoming financially free.

Read The Instructional Posts to see how to implement those money-making or money-saving strategies into your life.

Read The Product Reviews to see what products to buy or make to help implement those money saving strategies into your everyday workflow.

It is as simple as that.  Read the strategies, learn about them with in-depth instructions and then if there are product reviews, follow those reviews to the money-saving strategy internet location to purchase or further explore.  Most of everything we suggest is extremely low priced and a lot are free.  We have done the research for you. So let’s get started.

This site will be forever growing to help you understand how to make smart money decisions to secure your financial freedom.




4 Comments on “How To Use This Site & Stop Living Broke”

  1. Thanks for the information, ready to start and find the answers to my questions; pleased to be part of your training program.

  2. Craig,

    I can’t wait to get started. I am a school teacher, musical and small business owner/operator. I plan to work flipping phones into the mix and you are a life saver!!
    I have watched a zillion You Tube videos and just discovered you today. Bless you!

    1. Knowledge is power. Studying everything you can find is a great strategy. But don’t listen to the YouTube guru’s that want to charge you $1,000 for the same thing you will learn here. This is a solid plan and those guys are the reason I made the course. We use it every day and it simply works. Let me know if you need anything -Craig

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